Plenty Of Online Poker Tournaments In September

September is becoming a big month for online poker aficionados, due to the various online poker tournaments, which include the “Golden Spade Poker Open”, “Poker Maximus VI” and “MiniFTOPS XXII”. Read on to find out more about these three exciting events.

The “Golden Spade Poker Open”

The “Bodog” Poker Network is starting its Golden Spade Poker Open which will run until the 3rd of November, divided into two levels of risk. With a guaranteed prize of $ 1.5 million, the tournament is sure to attract many players; the tournament champion will take home a prize of at least $ 60,000 in cash.

The series for aspiring lowest bets starts on September 21st and ends on October 6th, while the championship series for higher bets will start on October 19th and ends on November 3rd. Online games include unlimited Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha (also for high stakes), fixed limit Omaha, starting directly for as little as $ 1.75.

The “Maximus Vi Poker”

Carbon Poker, part of the Merge Gaming group, is in its sixth poker tournament Maximus, which will take place on September 8th and will end on the 22nd of the same month. Poker Maximus VI is a tournament on a very large scale, with a guaranteed prize pool of € 3 million and over 85 events – 11 daily events. Games include unlimited Texas Hold’em, HORSE, Stud 8 and Pot Limit Omaha. The chips start at a price of as little as $ 1.10. – the main event offers 530 chips.

The “Miniftops XXII”

The MiniFTOPS poker tournament, which is already the 22nd tournament, will start on September 8th and run until the 22nd of that month. This is an online poker tournament worth taking part in, with a total of € 3 million in prizes. MiniFTOPS, and as it derives from the name, is a tournament accessible to players looking for lower bets, chips start at $ 11, but a $ 75 bet will be required on players on the last day of the tournament. The tournament consists of 39 events including “Multi-Entry”, “Rush Poker”, and “Double Chance” tournaments. The number of games will be played in MiniFTOPS XXII, including famous games style “Stud 7”, “Pot Limit Omaha” and “Texas Hold’em” limitless.